Success Stories

“Kris and his team did great work for us. We were impressed by their knowledge and skills, and we were pleased with the overall experience. They come highly recommended.”

– Sam Anderson, Legal Graphics

“Deep Fork helped me on a custom development project. They are knowledgeable and easy to work with. Ryan really got up to speed quickly on the project and Kris is a great communicator.” 

– Brent Lightsey, First Light Analytics

“Kris and his team at Deep Fork helped CrowdSeekr develop an economical solution to a problem that had plagued us for over a year. We were very impressed with Kris’s knowledge and professionalism and would recommend his services to any business in need of technology consulting services.”

– Tim Strange, CCIM, SIOR, Crowdseekr

“I’ve had the pleasure of sharing leadership responsibilities with Kris on a couple of local technology charities: StartupOKC and Startup Grind. In both instances, I’ve found Kris to be hard-working, honest, and ensuring that those we work with have a positive experience above all else. I have referred several of my own contacts to Deep Fork and, after touching base with them afterward, have learned they’ve also shared great experiences with Deep Fork on a professional level. They have my utmost respect and trust.” 

– Alex Lobodiak, True North Ventures

“Meritt Aviation, Inc. has worked with Deep Fork as our IT and Software Design provider since February 2016. In that time, we have accomplished more than a laundry list of projects that are essential to our continued growth and prosperity. The goal and focus is to bring the IT resources that large companies enjoy down to the level that entrepreneurial small businesses can use to compete, benefit and prosper while the corporate big shots have meetings and form committees. That’s how business has always worked. We are very pleased to endorse Deep Fork as a company to provide guidance and development services for growing businesses who need to stay on top of the software, information and work flow requirements that today’s business environment demands. On a personal note, I have learned to rely heavily on Kris and Ryan to help implement my ideas that make sense and talk me down from the ones that don’t. I am available to discuss our relationship with them for anyone who needs more information.”

– Terry Heim, Meritt Aviation, Inc.

“Kris is a fantastic business owner who helps small businesses succeed. Kris helped me dramatically as a startup to get my footing under me. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to start a new business or if they need custom software.”

– Ashli Avalon, Postablur

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