Pitch Perfect

Is Your Pitch Concise and Clear?

Good ideas are a dime a dozen, they are everywhere. Think about the last time you heard someone share their new idea with you, was their idea clear and concise? Did it inspire you to do something?

Would you invest in them and their idea? There is a very good chance the answer would be no. Even the best ideas can fail because the pitch does not do it justice.

Too many times founders have a solid idea but their follow-through on presenting the idea to potential investors leave them lost in the pack. The reality is, your pitch may just not stand out enough to distinguish yourself from everyone else. Asking friends and family to critique your pitch will only provide false positive feedback. Let’s face it, your Great Aunt Tilly may be your biggest fan eager to build up your confidence.

With Pitch Perfect we will work with you to develop: 

  • 30 second elevator pitch
  • 5 minute casual conversation pitch
  • 15 minute formal presentation about your idea

We provide experienced feedback through our process and empower you to iterate it into something special. Then we will get you in front of actual investors who will give you honest feedback from an investors perspective. 

With Pitch Perfect you and your idea will not only be taken more seriously but you will gain a better understanding of how to stand out with an effective and inspiring pitch. Just remember you never know when you may be talking to a potential investor, co-founder, or pivotal member of your future team.

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