Legacy Software Preservation

How Will Your Business Software Survive?

Ever find the ideal software that just works for your business? Unfortunately, with the ever changing technical world your software may gradually become obsolete. The theory is that your software will work fine as long as the environment it lives in is stable. However, windows updates occur every Tuesday night, and major upgrades twice a year, your software written before 2015 may not survive the next upgrade. 

If you are relying on the hope that your software vendor will step in to save the day, there is a good chance they have moved on to other ventures. You cannot afford to gamble on whether or not they will step in to fix it. You need to reinvest in newer software (and start the cycle again) or protect and preserve your old software and the paradigm in which it was designed to exist.

Legacy Software Preservation allows our team to set up a bucket – a protected environment for your software – which operates on an updated computer. Your entire operating system, hardware connectivity, and software integration tools will function as they always have in a more stable environment. Everything your older software needs to stay relevant and productive in today’s evolving IT world.

We can help you plan for the future by preserving the past.

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