Is Your Business in the Cloud?

The general rule of thumb in a modern technical age is if you need to save it, there’s a cloud for that! But which one did I put those loan documents in three years ago?

Then you have to go through the mental list of your various services – Dropbox has important email attachments, pcloud has accounting software backups, pictures are on onedrive, or are they on amazon pictures? Shared data is in one cloud, personal data in another. Tax returns are all by themselves but who knows where? The worst part is that you may not even have a tangible list of all of those services you may have signed up for on a whim. Setting up all of these clouds seemed like a great idea at the time. But over time, important information has become scattered over multiple really good cloud apps. 

CloudSync is a service that helps you to identify all of the clouds you have signed up for and saved data into. Then we can either consolidate that information into one cloud location or catalogue that data for easy access.

Clouds are great. They allow safe and secure, offsite storage of important data. But keeping them current, relevant, organized and streamlined requires a strategy. Whether that strategy involves consolidation, synchronization, redundancy, or just an index of what data lives in what cloud, we can help.

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