Deep Fork Technology was founded in 2013 on the idea that helping real people is more rewarding than maximizing profits. Unlike so many tech companies focused only on their largest, wealthiest clients, we enjoy helping smaller organizations and startups who often have trouble finding the expertise and skills required to tackle important projects. DFT is local and focused on the Oklahoma City community. We maintain a proactive approach with our clients to ensure your problems get solved long-term, so you can spend time chasing your dreams.

We are a diverse team of people who have a passion for technology and a heart for small businesses.

We are dedicated to helping those in the OKC Metro area build their companies to better serve their clients.

We enjoy long walks on the beach, hosting startup-centric events, and having fun doing what we love best:

Empowering startup founders and small businesses.


Always be Learning

We are curious and growth minded. As each team member develops diverse skill sets and areas of expertise, we also embrace adaptability and flexibility organization wide. We are teachable, receptive to constructive feedback, and understand that mistakes help us grow.

Support Each Other as a Team

 We know we can rely on each other as a supportive community. We recognize each other’s strengths and weaknesses and can communicate responsibly to overcome problems and hold each other accountable. Our common goals are more important than individual egos.

Innovative Problem Solving

We encourage creativity and give everyone the freedom to solve problems in bold, innovative ways. We welcome opportunities to think outside of the box and face challenges with confidence and passion.

Do Unto Others...

We cultivate mutually respectful relationships by treating everyone how we would want to be treated: with compassion, professionalism, reliability, fairness, and loyalty.

Promote Transparency/Integrity

We are guided by responsible honesty with each other and out clients. The more everyone understands the “why?” and how?” of our decisions and processes, the more we develop trust.

Enjoyable Culture

We look forward to work and enjoy the people we work with. Our team is focused on positive interactions, sharing victories, and playing to everyone’s strengths. While we take our work seriously, there’s always room for fun.

Details Matter

We pride ourselves on follow through and consistency. We manage expectations well, document thoroughly, and strive to give the client an outstanding service experience every time.


Kris Dillon

Founder, CEO

Marissa Stinson

Project Manager

Scott Wilson

Client Acquisition Director

Anilisha Gurung

UI/UX Designer

Daniel Ashcraft
Daniel Ashcraft

Sr. Developer

Warren Keil
Warren Keil


Brent Beachler


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